We’re Steph & Ted, and we LOVE mountains! We love them so much, we spend most weekends hiking and climbing them, or researching new trails to check out ASAP. We also love getting out and exploring with new people, and capturing love and adventure in the mountains. Nature offers the best backdrops for engagements, elopements, weddings, and family portraits!

We started in Mayfield, New York, and now live near White River Junction, Vermont, both of which are close to many of the best trails in the northeast. Named after the Great Range, our passion for adventure was born in the Adirondack Mountains in 2007. The peaks of the Great Range were among the first mountains we hiked together and are some our favorites! The outdoors is an essential part of our lives and colorful, natural landscapes offer us inspiration, motivation, and rejuvenation.

As practical people who appreciate the simple things in life, we’ve never quite understood the traditional wedding scene. I’m not a fan of being the center of attention in large crowds of people, and we didn’t want to manage the stress, opinions, and expectations involved in planning an expensive wedding with traditions that weren’t personally important to us. We wanted to get married OUR way - to do something that reflected who we are and what we love, in a meaningful location, and in a way that we were comfortable with. Since the first place we lived together was in Colorado, we got married in Rocky Mountain National Park. We chose to have a short, intimate ceremony with only 13 guests, officiated by a mutual climbing partner, and with the help of my sister and a tripod, we even did all of our own wedding photography (I really don’t recommend this, haha). Our group stayed together in a private vacation home with woodsy decor, and our reception involved dinner in Estes Park, visiting rock shops, and enjoying our view of Longs Peak at sunset from the hot tub - while resting up for more hiking, revisiting our favorite places, and sharing them with loved ones. Read about our wedding adventure on the blog!


We love ... 

Warm, sunny rocks and fresh air

Hiking and backpacking, especially mini thru hikes when we spot our bicycles at the ending trailhead to make it a two-sport loop!

Summit sunrises and sunsets

Alpine lakes and snow-covered mountains 

Campfires, guitar, and microbrews

Road trips and open highways

Collecting rocks, minerals, and fossils

Rocky Mountain wildflowers

Sleeping in tents and in our Subaru

Our 20-year-old western hognose snake and two tiny adorable kittens

Planning and organizing big adventures

Bringing new people into the mountains

Time with friends and family 

Photographing love and capturing genuine emotions, beautiful scenes, and magical moments

Being humbled by the greatness of nature


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