a photo shoot!


This past fall, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be the photographer for a unique mountaintop wedding, and this spring, the beautiful bride is expecting a baby girl.  With her first pregnancy, she had some portraits taken professionally, and hoped to have some photos to remember her second pregnancy as well. Being relatively new to photography, I don’t have a lot of gear, and since the majority of my work is done outdoors, I don’t have a studio or much for fancy equipment.  Knowing this, Allison still remembered how wonderful her wedding photos came out, and challenged me to a day of experimenting with indoor light and being resourceful in hopes of re-creating some of the photos from her first pregnancy.


We didn’t have a lot to work with, given that we did the shoot in the dining room of her home, with various light sources set up to try to get the effect she wanted, juggling chairs and children’s toys. Of course her toddler wouldn’t go down for his nap on time, which meant we missed our timeframe for the best natural light.    


I like scenic photography because sunlight in nature creates the scenes for me, whereas with portraits, I had to do more to figure out the best way to set up each shot. We tried different poses and clothing and camera settings and areas of the house all afternoon, as well as several tactics to get her sleepy, uncooperative 2.5 year old to pose with her. The few pictures he did (sort of) agree to be in, he looked sooo sad and I felt like his least favorite person ever. When she asked if he could come kiss her belly, he replied in the sweetest, saddest, adorable voice, “Nooo, I caaaaan’t.” He then proceeded to tell us about the icicles hanging from the roof outside and how upsetting it was that he wasn’t tall enough to reach them. In the end, we still got some unwanted shadows and perhaps the photos aren’t “perfect,” but I learned a lot from our experimenting and we had fun. I think we are both pretty happy with the results, all things considered. I am perhaps now more interested than ever in learning more about shooting indoors and continuing to improve upon my photography skills, since more and more friends are asking me to take photos of their engagements and children. Most of all, I can’t wait to meet this baby girl due this month -- and I'm dreaming up all the hiking adventures I hope to take her and her brother on someday!