Gem in the Adirondacks

Could this January be any more exciting?  My photos have appeared in the Adirondack Mountain Club’s 2017 wall calendar (on two months!), Adirondac Magazine, and the Plattsburgh area’s Strictly Business magazine, where my face is even on the cover! I was interviewed for the magazine’s Insight piece about my work with the Adirondack Mountain Club and outdoor recreation. I’ve never been interviewed like this for anything before, so I remember having an immense amount of anxiety during our call, knowing it was being recorded, and feeling like nothing I said was coming out right. I nervously waited to see how the finished article turned out, hoping I’d been articulate enough.

On January 7th, I drove up to Heart Lake to work at ADK’s Winterfest. I got there early so I could take a co-worker up Mount Jo before things started, and then split my day between helping at the membership table and taking photos of the various events. It seemed like a pretty normal day, until I walked into the Adirondak Loj to get a program schedule for a volunteer. There on the table at volunteer check-in, next to the maps and schedules, was a stack of Strictly Business magazines, with my face in a small box on the cover. I knew this moment would come, but I wasn’t expecting it today. It’s incredibly strange to see yourself on a magazine cover. Half in shock of seeing it, I took a copy and headed back to the membership table, anxious to see the article.   It was beautiful, the layout was perfect, and I couldn’t be more relieved and excited at how well the article was.  I laughed as I realized that once again, Ted had made his way into another magazine, being one of the hikers in my photo taken on top of Cascade.

As if this wasn’t awesome enough, I got a call from Nathan Littauer Hospital on my way home from work one afternoon and I debated whether to pull over and answer it. I worked at NLH for six years while in college, helping with registration, medical records, and switchboard coverage, so I recognized the number, but couldn’t think of why they’d be calling now. Turns out, the photo contest my mom insisted I submit a few photos to a while back had finally concluded, and I won FIRST PLACE!  All 3 photos that I submitted would be printed on 30” x 50” metal! I was going to be elated just to get one photo in the top 12, so it would be hung on the wall of the new dialysis center, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I found I’d have 3 hanging up there.

The Gem in the Adirondacks photo contest was conducted as a way of gathering Adirondack photography from local artists to decorate the new facility and aimed to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere for patients. I left Lake George early enough to drive to Mayfield to meet my family, who all insisted on going to the Gloversville Dialysis Center’s grand opening celebration on January 12th.  I got a glimpse of one of my photos through a window as we were parking, and couldn’t want to get inside to see it up close. As I walked in the door, I instantly felt like a celebrity, with hospital staff introducing me to doctors and hospital employees, chamber members, and Mr. Kelly, NLH’s CEO. I was interviewed by a local newspaper, and Senator Tedisco even asked for a photo with me. I was overwhelmed at how many times I was congratulated and told how incredible my photos were.  I see my work framed all the time, but there was something really special about seeing those three hanging side by side in a public place, knowing those landscapes will provide a beautiful distraction for dialysis patients for the foreseeable future.  I feel honored to be a part of this, and am so grateful for this opportunity to give back to the hospital that taught me so much early on in my career.

Could it get any better? Ted finally scheduled his PhD defense, got a job in New Hampshire, and we're moving next week! AHHH!