Holly & Matthew

Holly & Matthew’s wedding involved a few firsts for us. It’s been 3.5 years since we shot our first wedding, and this was the first time we photographed a wedding with both an indoor ceremony and reception. As adventure photographers, the weddings Ted and I typically shoot have outdoor ceremonies, often in the mountains or other scenic places, occasionally with a small indoor or outdoor reception to follow. This was also the first wedding where we didn’t meet the bride or groom until the day of. Our practice is generally to try to have a meeting of some kind, from photographing an engagement session to chatting over the phone or Skype, to get to know each other and ensure our personalities are a good fit. Establishing a connection and getting comfortable with each other can help relieve some anxiety on the big day.

Holly and I exchanged several emails leading up to the wedding, but needless to say, I was still a bit nervous arriving on Saturday since we hadn’t actually met yet. The weather forecast had also been questionable, with possibilities ranging from just cloudy and windy to freezing rain and wintry mix, and I knew she was hoping to do outdoor portraits. Thankfully, I was at least familiar with the venue – Pat’s Barn!

I was greeted by the bride’s brother immediately upon entering, who was finishing up some decorating. The barn was set up for the ceremony in front of the big windows, elegantly lit, with gorgeous succulent plant centerpieces and favors. Even the cake was succulent-themed, and it was BEAUTIFUL! Pat’s Barn was the perfect sized venue for this intimate party, with an upper level that was not only used for cocktail hour, but was also perfect for catching a bird’s-eye view of the dance floor. The lawn, surrounding trees, and nearby brick buildings made perfect backdrops for photos too!  

I met Holly while she was getting her hair and makeup done, and I instantly felt more relaxed. The wedding day can be a stressful day for a bride, and if Holly was anxious or stressed out, she certainly didn’t show it. She was happy and easy-going, and willing to just go with the flow. I could say the same thing for Matthew (the groom), as well as their families, which really made my job easy. We lucked out with the weather too, which, while windy and on the chilly side, stayed dry. We even saw some sun and blue sky after the ceremony, which was perfectly timed for outdoor family portraits. Fernando from Conway Entertainment got the party started with handing out sunglasses and glow sticks, and this group wasn’t shy about dancing! The energy in the room was contagious, and there were so, so many smiling faces. Did I mention this bride has an incredible smile?! 

Holly and Matthew were an absolute pleasure to work with, and we couldn’t be more honored to have been part of their wedding day. CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes! 

P.S. While we don’t plan on adding indoor ceremonies to our "official" list of services anytime soon, we're always up for new experiences. Trying something new now and then can be a really good thing, a lot of fun, and a great adventure - even indoors!