Coolidge State Park Wedding

Coolidge State Park in Plymouth, Vermont, has the perfect little venue for intimate weddings, family reunions, and other small get-togethers. Jane and Kenny chose this site for their tiny, destination wedding because of its accessibility and mountain view. As we worked out plans for the day, Jane spoke of how she wanted to incorporate that view and the greenery into their photos, and when I sent her photos from my scouting trip to check out the layout of the area, she grew even more excited.

The forecast leading up to August 1st was looking like it’d likely be a gray and rainy day, which was really bumming me out. Ted watched as each new model run came out, and he was optimistic the worst of the weather would move through before their big day. Sure enough, I arrived at the park under a sunny sky and knew it would be the perfect day.

I helped Jane’s family with table settings and we had to get creative, as there was just enough of a breeze to keep blowing the tablecloths all over. We set up camp chairs for the ceremony, laid out the maple syrup wedding favors, and Dream Maker Bakers decorated the wedding cake on site, which was absolutely stunning! I’m all about mountain-themed cakes too!

Finally, the guests arrived and it was time for the first look. Jane’s dress was BEAUTIFUL and I couldn’t help but tell her so. She looked so good in it too. Jane and Kenny shared a private moment among the trees before walking a short trail over to the field outside the pavilion. They were married by a family member standing before the very view that drew them to this location. The sun was bright and warm and there was no sign of rain. Following family portraits, Jane, Kenny, and I wandered off into the picnic area nearby for their portraits, and the light danced beautifully through the trees. There were only 9 people at the wedding, plus the bride and groom, making this a really intimate celebration. They really wanted to relax, have fun, and enjoy their big day, and spending it in a beautiful place, surrounded by nature and those closest to them was the perfect way to do it. The entire family was energetic and happy, welcoming and appreciative, and they invited me to eat cake and celebrate with them. Following lunch by Moe’s, speeches and cake, the afternoon was filled with games in the pavilion. This group was so much fun, I stayed long past what we planned, smiling and laughing all afternoon.