We don’t consider ourselves to be “peak baggers,” but we do enjoy using mountain lists to help guide our weekend plans so we can always be checking out new places. I’m obsessed with maps and route-planning, figuring out the “best” or most creative way to do things to get the what we want out of each trip. I enjoy exploring new trails and seeing different views, the adventures and misadventures, and the physical challenge of reaching each summit.

9 years ago, Ted took me up Mount Washington via Huntington Ravine as my first hike in the Whites right before we moved to Colorado. I never imagined we’d eventually live back in the northeast and climb all 48 peaks over 4,000 feet in New Hampshire, and yet, here we are on the summit of Bondcliff, #48!

Turns out, we’re only 2 weekend trips away from finishing the Northeast 111, so I suppose we’ll plan a couple trips to Maine in the next year. Who wants to finish on Hamlin in Baxter State Park with us next summer?!