Becca & Greg's Engagement

This weekend’s visit from my sister and her boyfriend turned out to be more exciting than anyone was anticipating. They made the long drive out to Vermont and spent two days skiing at Killington for their mini winter vacation. The weather wasn’t ideal, as there were warm temperatures and rain, high winds and fog. They were good sports about it and still hit the slopes and skied until they were too tired and sore to move. They caught some mountain views as the clouds broke up and cleared higher up, and after several years of dating, Greg proposed to Becca in the gondola!

Greg talked to our family about the upcoming proposal back around Christmas, and for the last two months, he’s had the ring in its box, zipped in the chest pocket of his jacket to ensure he wouldn’t lose it, and likely too, that she wouldn’t find it. When they newly engaged couple arrived at my house Friday night, they were extraordinarily happy. We adored the ring and talked about their thoughts on the wedding over dinner, and Ted and I treated them to skiing at Mount Sunapee on Saturday — their ski boots still weren’t dried out from the previous two days, but the blue sky above wasn’t keeping us indoors all day! Before they headed to New York on Sunday, we had a mini engagement shoot, so they had images for their official announcement. Like many couples we work with, they weren’t into posing, so we had fun with letting them be their natural, silly selves. Not only are they adorable, but I can’t get enough of how beautiful and sparkly that ring is! Check it out!